The Shooting-Performance Defensive Skills Test…with a Revolver

If you are not familiar with Shooting-Performance, it is the name of Mike Seeklander’s training company. If you are not familiar with Mike Seeklander, he is a firearms instructor who teaches around the country, and also competes in the practical pistol matches on a national level. He is an interesting guy because he has himself planted in both the defensive firearms community, and the competitive shooting world, probably a little more than most other instructors. Generally speaking most other guys who compete at his level only teach competitive courses, and most guys who are as attuned to defensive techniques as he is only teach defensive oriented courses. You can read his bio HERE. I have trained with Mike, he is an all around good guy, and a very skilled teacher.

Several years ago when Mike published the first iteration of his book, Your Defensive Handgun Training Program, in the back of that book he included a skills test. This specific test is, as I understand it, to be used to track performance over time. With that in mind, the test does not have a max score. Which is nice, because most shooting test have a max score of some type. The Shooting-Performance Defensive Handgun Skills Test is completely open ended, making it suitable for any skill level of shooter, and any firearm. The other thing about this test is how comprehensive it is. It test pure shooting ability, it test one handed manipulations (who else test that stuff!!), shooting on the move, use of cover, the whole gamut.

The last time I shot this drill that I recall was 2012, so around 5 years ago, and my best score was 147, shot on a USPSA target using a Glock 22 from a Safariland ALS holster. I couple days ago I shot it again with my S&W 66, from concealment out of a kydex IWB holster. I was using Remington UMC 125gr .38 Special +p ammunition, which honestly didn’t seem like it had much more juice behind it than regular .38 Special FMJ.

My score this time around was 112. I had 50 rounds in the A-zone, 14 in the C-zone, and one shot that was over time, so subtract 2 points. All in all, my shooting was sloppy. I was really trying to push the speed and gave up some control to do it, when in actuality I probably could have slowed down a bit and put up a better score if I had pulled some of those bad shots in. The strings of fire that really got me were the reloads. While I doubt I will ever get a draw and a reload crammed into a 4 second PAR, I do think I should have been able to get one handed reloads accomplished in the allotted time. I  had a few hangups in the reload process, mostly related to securing the handgun with the cylinder open. Likely due to not practicing my one handed reloads in quite a while. I wasn’t able to complete any reload under the time constraints. Disappointing considering the work I have put into reloads, but that is what happens when you don’t practice already learned skills on a regular basis.

I will be revisiting this skills test towards the end of the year after a few months of practice to see what skill development takes place. This really is the most comprehensive skills test that I am aware of, and if you have the training and skill to do some of the more complex tasks, like one handed reloads, give it a shot. It is available HERE.

3 thoughts on “The Shooting-Performance Defensive Skills Test…with a Revolver

  1. That test looks awesome! Thanks for mentioning it – I will definitely be looking forward to running through it. I am also a big fan of Mike Seeklander and really enjoy his podcast, the American Warrior Show. Tons of phenomenal guests and good info.


    1. Absolutely, the dude is an outstanding instructor. I first trained with him back in 2010 when he was still with USSA, and have trained with him three more times since then. His books are really solid too.


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