Thursday Training Tip

This is going to sound really simple, but I think a lot of people miss it. In order to be good at shooting, you have to practice shooting. I teach firearms courses on the side, so I like for people to go to classes and support their local instructors (assuming they are good at what they do), but I also think someone can over train (Training = Take a class, Practice = Go work on skills alone or with a shooting buddy). Meaning, someone can take too many courses. I think a good “training rate”, is 1 or 2 courses per year, and I probably lean more towards 1 than 2. This doesn’t mean that you get the rest of the year off. What it actually means is the rest of the year is when you have to bust your butt to actually learn what you were taught. An 8 or 16 hour course is only going to get someone started. Introduce the information, maybe set a baseline on a couple skills, and that is about it. Essentially, give the student the tools to go improve on their own. Then it is up to the student to put in the work outside the confines of that class to really get better. This is something that I tell students in every class I teach. At best, a firearms course will set a foundation, and it is up to the student to build something on that foundation. The student can put in a lot of work and resources and build a castle, or they put in a little work and have a shack, or do nothing and the foundation will deteriorate over time. It is entirely up to the student.

I read an article recently from the guys at Building Shooters, that really brings this point home. Here is a short excerpt. If you have the desire to read the whole article that is mostly about instructing and course design, you are welcome to do so. It may provide some valuable insight. They also have a whole book on this stuff that is well worth the read, available HERE.

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