The Pocket vs. The Pouch

Since I have been working my revolver skills, I have been focusing on reloading from a pocket. I felt like this was the post practical carry location for a spare speedloader, as speedloader pouches tend to be pretty bulky and hard to conceal. I decided on a whim to pilfer my wife’s Bladetech speedloader pouch (she is cool and has stuff like that), and give it a whirl to see how much of a difference it would make on a reload time from concealment.

I made a couple observations. Reloading from the pocket, I was dropping the gun lower, basically to the belt line for the reload. This helped with keeping the cylinder vertical during the reload. However, when loading from a pouch on the belt I would have to clear the cover garment up, and it would have a tendency to fall onto the revolver if I held it around the belt line. When loading from the pocket I don’t have to clear the garment first, so it isn’t a problem. To fix the problem, I had to adjust where I staged the revolver for the reload to higher up on my torso. With the Comp III that I have started using, holding the revolver higher did not cause any problems as it had before when using a Comp II.

The second observation that I made is that to my surprise, the Bladetech speedloader pouch actually concealed fairly well in the 1:30-ish belt position. Unfortunately, Bladetech does not make this pouch anymore, so I have only the one to experiment with unless I can pick up a used one somewhere. Another concern that I still have to address is how the speedloader pouch will actually retain the speedloader. It is a friction fit only, with adjustable retention. I had it cranked down pretty hard to hold the loader fairly tight, but it is holding the very narrow body on the Comp III.

For the purposes of comparison, below is a video of a reload from the pocket, using the same Comp III speedloader.

I am still undecided as to which one I will default to. Advice, comments are welcome. The revolver is not something I am super experienced with, nor do I have access to a great number of revolver experts.

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