Thursday Training Tip: Seek the Wise Men

Sometimes, guys who have been in the training business for a long time are looked at by younger students as being less relevant than those with more current experience. Clint Smith posted a video recently  talking about always being aske

Principles stolen from Dave Spaulding

d what makes him valid in the firearms training industry because he has been around so long and some of his stuff might be “out dated”. Guys like Clint Smith, or Dave Spaulding, or Ken Hackathorn,  may teach some older techniques, but often times they have a knowledge and understanding of those techniques that others don’t have. So maybe, just because something is old, doesn’t mean it is no longer relevant. These guys that have been in the training business a long time and do well at it, are still in the business for a reason. Considering how crowded the training industry is, if someone has been able to make a living as an instructor for 20-30 years, they might be worth checking out.

Seek out the old wise men, I bet you learn something.


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