Flashlight Friday: The Reload

Last week, I posted a video from 1997 of Ken Hackathorn and Bill Wilson going over some legit old school flashlight techniques. Some of those techniques are still taught today. It is good to go back and see how things were taught 10 or 20 years ago, especially if some of those techniques are still around.

The one technique they didn’t talk about, I guess because maybe it didn’t exist back then, is the eye or neck index. Personally, I think the eye index works the best. This is my default light position. Really the only thing that changes it is if I am working around some type of cover. So working from this position, I decided I needed to be able to reload my revolver while maintaining control of the light. Stashing it in a pocket, or somewhere else, would just take too long for what is already a long reload. I stumbled upon a Surefire Field Notes video with Mike Panone and he demonstrates a method for maintaining the light in the hand while doing reloads for the semi-auto pistol. I decided I would give it a shot with revolver reloads. It works amazingly well.

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