Thursday Training Tip: Dry Fire Targets

Dry fire is a big part of skill improvement. Most of the important handgun manipulations can be practiced in dry fire. This allows us to iron out the kinks and get reps of things like the draw from concealment, and reloads, with only a small time investment. There are several top level shooters in the competitive world that talk about having far more dry fire reps than actual live fire reps on a certain skill. It is definitely an important part of the puzzle.

When I do my structured dry fire I like to have a target that is representative of a realistic target zone, like an IDPA -0 or USPSA A-zone. A long time ago I found the 10-8 Performance dry fire target (attached below) that has several circles scaled to represent an 8″ circle at various distances if the dry fire target is placed at 4yd. The other nice thing about it is that I can take it to the range for live fire and verify what I am doing in dry fire with live ammunition to make sure I am actually doing it correctly. If I cannot replicate my dry fire performance in live fire, then there is a disconnect somewhere that I need to fix.

Take some time and do a little dry fire today.


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