Tuesday Training Update

In an attempt to hold myself accountable and for my own future reference, I will be posting training updates every Tuesday with what I have been working on for the past week. This is something I did fairly regularly on my old blog, and trying to bring it back. 

This past week I have been working with my new to me S&W Model 66-1. Even though I know that modern semi auto handguns from a performance standpoint have more to offer than a revolver, I just enjoy the revolver more. I think that is an often overlooked part of good practice and training. A month or so ago when I was shooting a Glock exclusively, you would hardly catch me doing my dry fire even once a week, don’t even mention 2-3 times a week. So far this week, I have dry fired all but one night with the revolver. So while the gun may not be as practical of a gun, I am getting more practice on the books because the gun is more enjoyable to me.

My primary dry fire focus so far has been reloads from a speedloader. I have two speed loader options, the venerable Safariland Comp II, which is a pretty common speedloader, and the Dade Machine & Screw speed loader which I think technically is out of production, but the design lives on in the Speed Beez speedloaders, at least on a conceptual level. I like the Dade speedloaders for their simplicity and how fast they are. I think they are a touch faster than the Safariland, but my research has indicated that the rounds held so loosely that they can actually be dislodged from the loader pretty easily. With that in mind, I have focused on using the Safariland Comp II speedloaders. Right now, I am getting my reloads done from the pocket, with the Comp II, in about 4 seconds. Sometimes just a hair over, sometimes just a hair under. I really don’t have a frame of reference to know if that is a good or bad time (likely bad), because I am not able to find anything to indicate what a good time is from true concealment. The closest I have found is this video from Caleb Giddings of Gun Nuts Media.

It isn’t exactly the same since he is running from IDPA concealment and not from a pocket, but we are going to run with it. I feel like 3 seconds for a revolver reload from a pocket is a doable thing. I just have to put in the work to get it done. Here is one of my reloads with a small side step.

Outside of dry fire, I have only put about 30 rounds through the gun so far. Just enough to check POA/POI with Remington 158gr +p LSWCHP and to do a little quick work up close. I plan to hit the range next week and put some more ammo through the gun when I can spend more time on the range, but so far, I am mostly pleased. I am shooting a little to the left at 25yd, but I think that will sort itself out after I get some more trigger time.

Like I said previously, revolvers make life more interesting for me, which means more practice, which hopefully translates to better performance. Time will tell I guess.

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