Using Video for Performance Tracking

I am a very performance driven shooter (hence this blog) and so I track how well I am shooting from one day to the next. The hope is I am improving the entire time, although some days I improve much less than others. In the past I have kept fairly detailed notes on my shooting. More recently I have moved away from taking notes and transitioned primarily to using video because it is less time consuming and my shooting schedule is usually pretty tight, so any time savings is worth its weight in gold (does time weigh anything?). With how common things like Go Pro’s or even just smart phones are, keeping a video record is pretty simple thing to do on the drills that it matters. On accuracy oriented drills like Dot Torture or the 300, I will just take a picture of my target with all the pertinent details written on it. It is a much quicker process than having to write everything down, but I get the same result.

The other bonus to using video is that it allows you to “self-coach”. If I am trying to get my reloads down below a certain PAR time, video can be a useful tool to self-diagnose any inefficiencies in my reloading process. I don’t video just to post on youtube and say “hey, look what I can do.”, I video to make myself a better shooter. It has probably been one of the most effective training tools I have used.


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