Proximity vs. Skill

post-itThis post-it note (pictured right) has been residing on my computer screen for over a year. Some might look at it and think “distance is your friend”, or some variation thereof. They are not wrong necessarily, all things being equal (i.e. goodguy and badguy are similarly armed). There is as an old adage that I hear every now and then that “distance is cover”, eluding to the same thing. The further away you are, the more your superior skill gives you an advantage.

I read that post-it note and I think something else. For me, it is a reminder and a motivator to be better. It means I need to be skilled enough to negate proximity. There needs to be such a disparity in my level of skill vs. the badguy’s level of skill that it doesn’t matter how close I am, I still dominate.

Let it be a reminder for you too. Proximity negates skill, so make sure you have enough skill in the tank that it doesn’t matter, you still dominate.

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