What does it mean to shoot well?

In my experience, most people who shoot guns recreationally do not understand what it means to be a good shooter. I was first exposed to serious shooting (i.e. shooting because your job demands it) a little over 5 years ago. At the time, amongst the group of people I was shooting with, I was good. That is where we tend to stumble. We compare ourselves to the other fish in our pond, regardless of how small the pond is. That is exactly what I was doing. At first, my pond consisted of about 15 shooters. Then it grew to a few dozen, I was still one of the best. Then I was exposed to a national level competitive shooter and my idea of what was good changed completely because I began to understand what is possible. Sometimes, when you see something in person, it gives you greater perspective than seeing something in video, or just seeing numbers.

Now that I have seen what is possible, what does it mean to shoot well for me? Should a person be expected to shoot as well as a national level competitor on day 2 of shooting? Of course not, but they should be expected to shoot better than they did on day 1. That is what I think it really boils down to. Being better than you were yesterday, and not settling for how good you are today.

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